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Never buy from them greasy and nice to get your money then don't give a *** when it hits the fan so to speak. Suzanne who calls herself customer service is a total waste of time and nothing but a liar!

I purchased a CC Skye bracelet which broke a whole hour after I put it on. I emailed her to which she said said post it back first class which cost me 45.00 New Zealand dollars which would be reimbursed well so that lying *** said.

3 months and still nothing waiting for a refund!! Finally got it but not reimbursed the 45.00 for postage costs. I even personally face booked that Suzanne and the ignorant *** still choose to ignore me!

So rot in *** slag u sell cheap nasty *** and I hope lots of people read this cause your nothing but an ignorant liar!

Ripping off folk that live overseas if I ever come to Florida look out I'm coming for ya!

Review about: Jill S Boutique.

Justine - Jill's boutique


I purchased a CC Skye bracelet from them last year.Wore it for a whole hour yes a whole hour and it broke!

I sent it back which I was told they would reimburse me 45.00 in postage costs. I live in New Zealand . Well 2 months on I had to follow this up yes follow this up with numerous emails!

I even personally face booked that woman Suzanne who calls herself a customer service person she's a friggin joke say the least!Finally got the return bracelet but was lied too and never got my return postage fees paid back like she said.

Suzanne is a lying piece of *** and I would never buy from her nasty shop ever again

Rot in *** *** ripping off international buyers!!

Review about: Cc Skye Bracelet.

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